Site optimization services: experienced stuff and professional methods

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Site optimization – is a passive type of advertising, which consist of sequence of actions and measures that lead to increase the popularity of the portal. It is achieved due to the fact that the internet resource became "visible" by search engines, i.e. take one of the first positions on various key demands. The appearance of such terms as «site optimization» can be referred to the beginning of the 90s of last century.

The ultimate goal of site optimization is to attract the largest possible number of visitors to the site, and for the most part – this is exactly the target audience, i.e. potential buyers.

However, not always website optimization gives the expected results. To achieve desired effect you must follow some important rules and principles. The first is the creation of one page of the site under one search query. It is necessary if you want your resource appear at the beginning of the list of search engines.

One of the most important stages of search engine optimization is to formulate a semantic core for the advertised portal. It is a combination of words and phrases, which are used in searching by target audience. Success of the campaign depends on how clearly and correctly the words and phrases are matched. Words of semantic core are used in the writing of texts and articles, which will be posted on the pages of a Web resource, as well as participate in the headlines and titles.

But it is not enough for successful website optimization. Particular attention should be paid to portal usability, i.e. its convenience for users. More frequent visitors leave the portal, because can’t find information of interest. It is important to note that often user convenience in dealing with your website – is a reflection of the effectiveness of robot work. If it is convenient for the person, then the robot is also won’t «miss» your portal. In this case, the navigation comfort very often is determined by the rule of "three clicks".

After mistakes and shortcomings in portal usability are removed, the second phase is adjustment of the content pages. It is carried out based on the location of key queries and at the same time creating content that will be really useful and interesting to visitors.

An important aspect for search engine optimization is an increase in the quote index of the site. It can be achieved through acquisition and deployment of a larger number of links leading to your portal.

By-turn, website optimization techniques can be divided into white, gray and black. White optimization - is the act in strict accordance with regulated rules. Promotion is carried out without external influence on the work of search engines.  

Grey optimization – is an application of the measures that are on the "verge of what is permitted." They don’t always aim to improve portal, to a greater extent it is aimed on application even if doesn’t prohibited, but interfering the user action. For example, it might be placing excessive amounts of keywords.

Black optimization – is always a risk. In fact, many search engines no longer "work" with the sites to which black optimization techniques were used. The most common techniques of this method are: the use of doorway pages, cloaking, and hidden text placement on portal pages and so on.

Despite all the advantages of website optimization, it is not for all. Those who want a quick effect are unlikely to inspire the idea of waiting. Site optimization implies a whole set of measures for some time, but the appearance of the effect of the work can be expected only after several months.


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