Site Navigation Drives Traffic

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Like a lot of other things in business, it’s often the small details that drive the traffic that converts into sales. And as you might imagine, those details are often the domain of the Los Angeles Internet marketing firm that you hire.

Well before you get to the point where you’ll be looking at ppc advertising services, you need to make other kinds of fundamental decisions that will float traffic to your site before internet advertising is even considered.

And the techniques that you use for site navigation have a profound effect. For example, the Los Angeles Internet marketing firm that you select should be aware that there is a real need to avoid long URLs with many characters. Beyond the obvious confusion to the people that are looking to find you on the web, the URL that’s clean of all unnecessary characters is both user and search engine friendly.

The company that you’re looking at should also know about the value of inline links. The best Los Angeles Internet marketing companies know that these relate better than ones in a sitemap.


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