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6 serious trends in SEO 2011

seo 2011SEO is one of those areas of online activity that develops rapidly and does not stand still. Therefore it is clear that trends in SEO 2011 differ from trends of 2010. Web site promotion in search engines becomes more difficult, longer and more unpredictable. This is especially true for keywords with high competition. Especially for young sites.

The future of search engines is uncertain, but it is certainly understandable and known, that various changes in the major search engines take place very quickly. As always, Google is the leader in many of search trends...

1) Trend in SEO 2011 – is Personalized Search. Google search adapts to each user

Google provides the most relevant results for user. With personalized search you can quickly find the information you need. Once it was so that you wanted to get personalized search results, you had to go into your account. Now situation has changed - the personalized search results are displayed regardless of your presence in your Google account. In general, search results depend on your data.

What does this trend in search engine optimization 2011 means for search engine optimization (SEO)?

This means that optimizers will have to make more efforts to optimize a site and create a specific theme of the site. Because now work is aimed at attracting really interested users. Now the main task of site optimization is to optimize entire website, and not a separate page under a separate request.

Personalized search has become increasingly used it will become the main trend in SEO 2011, if it has not already started. Now we can get most quality results in Google, unlike in other search engines. Definitely, Personalized Search of Google - is the main trend in search engine optimization 2011!

2) Another trend in SEO 2011 - using search engine Yahoo. Consolidation of Yahoo and Bing.

At the moment, the share of the search engine Yahoo has 10% of total world traffic. In comparison with Google - it is nothing, since more than 70% of all traffic from the search engines is provided by Google. Briefly description of the essence of this trend search engine optimization 2011: after Yahoo passed on search engine Bing and updated search engine, company Yahoo said that the new search engine has all chances to rise to 20% of the traffic by the end of 2011.

Yahoo and Bing will work in partnership with the browsers and providers in order to become a serious alternative to search engine Google.

3) Trend in search engine optimization 2011 – costs for SEO will increase significantly.

In 2011, on entire Internet advertising will be spent around $80 billion worldwide. This trend stems from the fact that Internet audience is changing - users spend a lot of time online, user- content is generated in large quantities and all this is called - "User Revolution".

4) Trend in SEO 2011 - Social media - Marketing. A clear SMO and SMM strategy

If you promote site by SMM and SMO, then your promotion strategy should be clearly worked out. In social media – marketing sphere is recommended to be limited by creation of corporate blog, promotion in popular forums and on feedback services.

5) Trend in SEO 2011 - Twitter - it's more than just a micro blog.

Instant messaging in Twitter, mutual retweets - makes Twitter a great tool for research and forecasting. By proper and judicious using of Twitter, the service will allow you to know - what competitors do and what their trends are.

6) Trend in search engine optimization 2011 - a huge number of searches will reduce site traffic

It sounds a bit silly, but it is true. All things in online should be done faster and faster, users want to see answer to their questions in first lines of issue. Thus, web - masters and copywriters will need to generate more complex structure of content, write more quality than earlier.


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