SEO work: important solution for SEO campaign and SEO organizations

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What you should pay attention when choosing SEO organizations?

Tip 1:
 Choose SEO organizations for promotion on her portfolio. Examine her previous projects and the results of its SEO work.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the rating of SEO organizations, testimonials and clients assessments. If there is no necessary information on the site, look at forums, create own themes with questions that you interested in. However, all self-respecting organizations should have a customer base. Contacts with previous clients ask them about the quality offered by search optimization campaign, on terms of cooperation and how they are satisfied with the process and results. Find out whether clients are ready in the future to cooperate with the same specialists.

Tip 3: Ask questions to SEO organizations. They should explain the ways and methods of SEO work clearly define the result, deadlines, etc. If you do not get comprehensive answers to the questions, then how you will get expected results from search optimization work of such specialists?

Tip 4: Ask what warranties of SEO work and money back will be provided by SEO organizations,   if your site gets ban thanks to the clumsy SEO campaign? When the company is confident in quality of services (SEO work), it is ready to provide guarantees.

Tip 5: Sign the contract with SEO organizations for a period of one month. This will allow you to see quality and results of optimization work and for optimizer to work quietly, without risk of losing money if the customer simply leaves. Thus, increase the level of trust for each other.

Tip 6: By signing the contract, read all the conditions and make sure not to agree to "additional payments" or change in conditions of optimization work process. Read All items marked with an asterisk (*) and notes below with a very small font.

Tip 7: Do not ignore reports of search optimization work and don’t be lazy to check for yourself, on which quires your site is promoted. To get the first positions SEO organizations may use low-frequency queries. If you have a product or service that you offer and then check yourself, what queries in your case will be high frequency.

Tip 8: If the services of providing good SEO campaign from leading SEO organizations are expensive for you, then pay attention to regional companies. The quality of SEO work of such organizations will be high, but prices for SEO campaign services are slightly lower, which allows owners of small and medium-sized businesses also receive high-quality of search engine optimization campaign services.

Tip 9:  It is important for you that the results of SEO campaign can be cashed. Because, if you are offered only increase ranking in search engines, look further. Your purpose – is to attract new customers and increase sales! Achieve this result by using high-quality, original, interesting content for readers and correct search engine optimization campaign.

Tip 10:SEO campaign - it's work, it's earnings on the Internet, designed for a long period. Do not try to find a specialist within two days. Take time to search for information, questions and answers. If a prospective firm begins to push you to the solution, keep looking further. 

Tip 11: And the last. If you are under pressure and are forced to give an immediate response (accept / reject the offer) – reject it. It is your choice to refuse politely or not, but do not subscribe to such "optimization campaign services". SEO professionals and SEO organizations, reputable and knows their own worth, would never look for customers in this way. Professional organizations don’t allow themselves to put pressure on the client.

Finally, if optimization work on your site has already begun, but the executor refuse to submit a detailed report of this work under search engine optimization campaign, or you suspect the use of illegal methods of promotion, then raise the issue of termination of cooperation.


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