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SEO website optimization – is the first step in site promotion. In short, web optimization services (web service optimization) - aimed on properly distinguishing the site in search engines, and the correct name – is SEO-optimization.

Thanks to web service optimization, you can display the site in the "Top 10" according to the necessary requirements. Thanks to successful SEO website optimization, web resource draws the attention of potential customers. Web optimization services (web service optimization) in the Internet has many advantages, above all it concerns financial aspects. SEO optimization is much cheaper than advertising in the media and outdoor advertising.

Most Internet traffic is due to the large commercial requests in search engines - Google, Yandex, Rambler, Bing, Yahoo and others. If your site can’t be found by search engines or content of site can’t be found in the database of search engines, you will not get traffic from search engines. If your website contains content, services, products or information, search engines are a major source of free Internet users.

Website optimization (web service optimization) - is a range of activities, which experts make to raise the position of the site based on user requests. It is logical that the higher position in search engines, the more likely that a potential customer goes to your website.

Website optimization services – is a special action aimed at focusing search engines on the information posted on your site, in the future it will improve promotion of the site in the Internet.  Optimization services considered to be the most affordable in financial terms. Before web service optimization, develop a strategy aimed at more effective work of your web resource. Cycle of work is determined by the level of visibility of the project on the Internet and increase of conversion percentage. Web optimization services, let's say, "assures" search engines that the site is worth to be on the highest positions.

SEO website optimization process is quite complicated and consists of several stages:

  • Keyword selection, on which subsequently will be the promotion of the site. Search queries - the words that users type into the search box which contain terms and phrases. The main objective of web service optimization is to select the best keywords and phrases for your site (+ other measures: tag text selection, optimization of images, and the density of keywords) that would provide an increase in targeted traffic from search engines. Therefore it is better to use only those words that will be extremely valuable in the future. At this stage, take into account business objectives, analysis of competitors sites;
  • Audit of the site (technical) is the second stage in SEO website optimization, during which the Web Design Studio analyzes the structure of the site, provides recommendations for changes in its content for competent indexing. This stage also includes other important points;
  • Optimization of texts of the site is the third stage in SEO website optimization (or web optimization services). Editing texts published on the site, according to the search engines. Please note that the articles for content sites - are not just the information content. These texts must contain key words with the required number.
  • Making changes in text content according to «requirements» of search engines.

And don’t forget about targeted website visitors while you make website optimization, because this is what creates sites. Only with increasing in targeted traffic you can talk about increasing profits. Investing in optimization services you can have an exceptional rate of return.


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