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SEO technology in site promotion - is a combination of methods of web site promotion. It helps to find the most effective techniques and allows converting theory into practice with lower costs.

More recently, about five years ago, web site promotion on the Internet was much easier than it is today. In those years, search engine optimization technology was much easier - it was enough to properly optimize pages for search requests, and register site in 1000 directories.

With increasing competition in website promotion, search engine optimization technology became much more complicated. Site registration in directories has become less effective and the amount of work has been done to promote site in "top - 10" has increased significantly. Thousands of sites put a claim for a place in "top ten" on highly competitive requests. SEO technology of web site promotion on the Internet is very time consuming if you do everything manually.

SEO technology includes:

  1. Site registration in directories
    Sites directories are actively used to attract visitors by providing a structured list of sites, broken by thematic areas. There are directories that require installation of back links (so-called gray or black catalogs), and there are directories that do not require installation of back links (so-called white catalogs). The easiest and most affordable search engine optimization technology – is registration in "white catalogs". Registration can be bought, but the greatest effect gives manually registration. It should be noted, that "unilateral" links in white directories eventually lose their effect, because search engines rig with new and new algorithms, which allows detecting links from directories.
  2. Link exchange
    That is, one webmaster write to another webmaster a letter with a proposal to make interchange of links. Exchange of external links - is an old SEO technology of building link mass of the site. With a proper link exchange, it is possible to bring site into top ten on average competitive requests. Disadvantage of this method is its low efficiency, because search engines have learned long ago not to take into account interchange of links (or attach quite low value of such links).
  3. Site Promotion by Articles
    One of new SEO technology in site promotion on the Internet is the method of website promotion by articles. If the article is written quality and links with anchors is placed, then using this method site can be promoted on a good position in the results on low-frequency queries.
  4. Satellites creation
    Satellite - it is a site created for the purpose of putting on it links to web sites that are in promotion in search engine. Satellite should be a quality site with useful information for people.
  5. Buying links
    Buying links on the main pages is now the most popular search engine optimization technology of websites promotion. This method is one of the most effective, but not every webmaster has enough money to promote site in the network on competitive queries.

This SEO technology means, that you can directly contact to the owner of the resource, with a proposal to place necessary link for money. And this method is still widely used. The disadvantage is, of course, its hand control – related to the dates of payment and control over the placement, as you can pay money, see the link, but on the next day webmaster can remove the link.

More widespread way is buying links by applying to advertising broker, or advertising exchange market. It means that, there are specifically designed systems for buyers and sellers, which help one another find buyer or seller, monitor links placement and payments, provide pay off and receive funds. Since most search engines give the largest value to links from main pages that is why advertising brokers were created exactly for buying and selling links from the main page.


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