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Web Marketing & E-commerce: Background

Websites with many items for sale are often called database-driven websites because these sites have a hidden database of all the available products. These are typically managed using shopping carts: you see some product you like and it is added to your shopping cart for later purchase. One problem facing web marketing/e-commerce campaigns and search-engine friendly web design is that shopping carts historically were terrible for development marketing and SEO. Obviously, this is a huge problem because websites that sell items with shopping carts are also those that depend on high traffic from search engines.

The SEO Shopping Cart

A little-known fact to anyone outside the web marketing/e-commerce industry is that SEO shopping carts come in many forms. Some of these, because of how they’re designed, work with development marketing and SEO much better than others. For example, there are some SEO shopping carts that allow spaces for keywords in the product descriptions. As you may know from our description of SEO, keywords can make or break your web development marketing and SEO campaign. Using a shopping cart without keyword capability will make your shopping website at the bottom of a list of websites that sell similar products.

Other Tricks to SEO Shopping Carts

In addition to keywords, your SEO shopping cart must also have links that can be scanned by search engines. This process is called “spidering,” because a program is used by the search engine to “crawl over” your website like a spider, analyzing links from your site to others or vice versa. Choosing a shopping cart without this function is an easy way make your web marketing and e-commerce efforts moot. This is just one of many tricks of the trade that the experienced development marketing/SEO consultants at Crest Media can offer you.

SEO Shopping Carts & the Crest Media Difference

Optimizing a shopping cart website is just one of the many realms that separate the men from the boys in search-engine friendly web design. Our experts have experience tailoring shopping carts to various websites, each with varied products and unique goals. Contact us to see how your web marketing and e-commerce can benefit from our years of experience with development marketing and SEO shopping carts.


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