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Website Promotion - is an extremely time-consuming and important process that requires a lot of attention, accuracy and precision. To ensure that all works performed in the process of site promoting was under control, a company (a web-studio) periodically makes SEO optimization report.

This report may contain statistics data, schedule of visits, a report on positions and other information. SEO optimization report allows a company to identify errors and verify achievements of results falling in top, and for client it allows to track progress of promotion, to ensure the quality of work and see that all his requirements, goals and objectives are implemented in such a way as he needs.

Organizing business in virtual network by creating own website, every owner must understand that attendance of a resource largely depends on how clearly and correctly process of site promotion in search engines will be implemented. Today, cost of web site promotion in popular search engine is much lower than cost of advertising on television, radio and print media, and efficiency benefits from properly organized search engine optimization, at first, is higher, and secondly, the effectiveness will grow in accordance with the growth of Internet users (the number of Internet users each year increase in 15%).

Internet Website Promotion contributes to the fact that resource will be on top positions in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing directly on those key phrases or words that will be chosen by you.

In order to determine the effectiveness of measures taken to promote your site, a company involved in promotion of your site should provide regular SEO optimization reports. Such search optimization report should contain daily (quarterly or annual) positions of promoted web site for absolutely all search queries in systems that are specified in the contract. It is more comfortable when SEO optimization report is accompanied by tables, by which people can clearly track dynamics of web resource visits. Based on these results customer can adjust his actions in order to increase promotion, and, therefore, web site visits.

The structure of SEO optimization report not much different from the usual reports on the execution of any works.

The specific components search optimization report depends on:

  • Targets, set for web site optimization.
  • Budget for search engine optimization of the site.
  • Specific customer requirements.

SEO report may consist of the following parts:

  • Title page of optimization report.
  • Contents of SEO optimization report.
  • Foundation for web site optimization (account, contract, technical requirements, etc.). Additional requirements for web site promotion.
  • The main objectives of web site promotion.
  • The term of optimization.
  • Indicators achieved by web site promotion.
  • Conclusions.
  • Recommendations.

You can add to such optimization report any other indicators.

Deal with site optimization, search engine optimization and draw up SEO optimization report is appropriate when you have sufficient budget for optimization. Otherwise, site optimization and report will be like for fun or entertainment.

There are so-called multi-analytical reports, which include information on the total attendance of a resource, the number of page views, geographical distribution of users, as well as a lot of other very useful information.

Weekly or monthly reports will help you to better quality control of SEO work and correct it if necessary.


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