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The Proof is in the Pudding

The most distinctive feature at eLocalRank—what separates us from the myriad of other SEO companies throughout the United States—is that we utilize the exact same methods to market our own business as we will for yours. You’ll find that if you type ‘SEO Los Angeles’ or a similar variation into Google, Yahoo, or BING, that eLocalRank comes up right at the top.

We specialize in offering scaled packages that increase the web visibility for small to midsize businesses because we too are a boutique company that understands just how difficult bootstrapping a fledgling business can be in this economy. If you’re reading this then it’s fair to assume that you or your business have been contacted by large SEO companies regarding their services. Surely these larger, more corporate SEO companies have offered all the usual empty promises: personal attention, guaranteed results, transparency, and the ‘best SEO in the nation.’

Above and Beyond Its Competitors

These promises are certainly enticing, at least initially, but after the honeymoon period it will be apparent just how much personal attention and transparency you will actually receive. The reality behind these lofty claims is that the majority of SEO companies will happily take your money, outsource the most minimal portion of it to India or the Philippines for simplistic SEO, and then pocket the rest. Similarly, when you realize your web visibility has stagnated or that it hasn’t even improved in the first place, contacting your SEO analyst and trying to cancel your monthly payment will be a complicated issue.

No Lofty Promises

Due to the fact that eLocalRank is a small company, all of our SEO clients don’t have to worry about the problems that often accompany larger, more corporately structured web marketing companies. First and foremost, because we don’t have the huge overhead of big corporations, our fees for SEO empowerment are some of the best in the industry, and yet our work and efficiency rivals any large marketing company. Further, after collecting and processing your payments for SEO services, the majority of our competitors will simply redirect all your calls and requests to a call center in New Delhi or possibly Manila. With eLocalRank, on the other hand, your SEO campaign manager will be readily available via telephone to answer any questions and fulfill all client needs. Our SEO campaign managers—the majority of them having more than a decade of experience in SEO and others areas of web marketing—will send out regular reports regarding their services and do their best to maintain sustained relationships with clients. Very much the opposite of our large competitors, eLocalRank has a centralized office in Los Angeles chock full of competent SEO campaign managers, experienced web designers, and copywriters to ensure that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing reward your site for its unique content.

Personal Service & Stellar Performance

Making grand promises is oftentimes a disingenuous sales tactic, so we at eLocalRank try to avoid them. What our clients can expect, however, are the following assurances, which apply to all of our most valued clients: All of the SEO services offered at eLocalRank—from link building, content customization, keyword research, all the way to web analytics—is handled in house and by tried and tested members of our eLocalRank team. We can assure our clients that when they call us, not only will they hear a familiar voice at the other end but an experienced one as well.

We Have to Earn Your Trust

eLocalRank doesn’t ask clients to sign up for long term contracts or pay any set up fees. As a matter of fact, clients pay on a month to month basis which serves the dual purpose of letting our clients pull out if they are discontented with eLocalRank’s service and keeping our SEO campaign managers on their toes. We firmly believe that if we’re meeting client expectations and fulfilling their needs, then there simply isn’t any point in having people sign up for 1-year or even half-year contracts. We believe we have to work for our money and EARN your business every month!

Content is King

An aspect of SEO that is often overlooked by most of our competitors but remains very important to Google is unique content. Whereas eLocalRank pays native English speaking copywriters to create excellent and original content with specific keywords in mind, the bulk of other SEO companies will send such requests to the Philippines where the task will be completed but in broken English. To really increase the web visibility of a particular site takes absolutely original content that is updated on a regular basis. While custom content such as blogs or articles written in broken English will do alright, blogs and articles written with impeccable English grammar and vocabulary will be rewarded exponentially by Google, Yahoo and BING. eLocalRank will create all of your blogs, articles, directory submissions, and social media pages in order to bring your website to the first page of all the popular search engines.

Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Here at eLocalRank we do organic SEO the right way and have already helped hundreds of clients significantly increase their web visibility. Reliable and cost effective, eLocalRank has the client history and SEO knowledge to bring your business to the next level. Whether you’re a start-up, a growing business, or perhaps just trying to retain first page status on Google, eLocalRank is the reliable SEO company for small to medium size businesses.


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