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eLocalRank is the leading Jacksonville SEO specialist. We focus on offering affordable search engine optimization to entrepreneurs, small to mid-size businesses owners, and businesses that have taken a dive following the economic meltdown. Our mission is to increase the web visibility of business websites in order to drive sales and increase consumer interest. So far eLocalRank has helped over one hundred companies increase their web visibility in under a year and many of those companies now sit at the top spot on Google, Yahoo, and BING’s search engines.

Experienced Team Of SEO Experts

Our experienced team of SEO experts and Online Marketing aces will work closely with your local Jacksonville business, identify and analyze the search habits of your target demographic, and then manipulate your website so it’s easier to locate for those who would most likely go searching for it. Merely having a website will no longer cut it in the digital age. What does having a great website even mean if your target consumers can’t find it on the web? The following consumer statistics show just how imperative it is to have a website that’s easy to find on the likes of Google, Yahoo, and BING:

  • 97% of internet users gather shopping information online before they buy
  • 60% of online activity is now related to local searches
  • 70% of internet users utilize search engines to find offline businesses.

Though we specialize in SEO here at eLocalRank and wish to become an SEO powerhouse, another feature we offer is running a social media campaign in order to raise awareness about your business. Twitter and Facebook are a free means of promotion and the right social media campaign can put your business on the map. A list of the other services we offer are compiled just below:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • On Site Meta Data Optimization
  • Off Site Link Building and Article Submission
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Social Media Management


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