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Google website promotion or SEO for Google - is a complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at increasing attendance of web sites by user audience of Google, for certain search queries and increasing its position in the search engine results page. There is no secret that Google today is the world's leading global search engine, share of which was 66% in 2011 in search market on the Internet.

Algorithms for the major search engines have many similarities, because at the moment, there are two fundamentally different ways to determine the validity and relevance of the document. However, certain factors evaluation of these parameters, both internal and external, has a different weight in the general formula for calculating the relevance of each search engine.

Speaking about SEO for Google, we should focus on particular features of the functioning and preferences of the search engine for individual rankings factors.

Dealing with Google website promotion it is necessary to answer the question: "What does Google like? »

Google likes documents interesting for the last user.

Believe in the word, Google learned to identify it recently with admirable precision. SEO for Google force gives preference to the quality of information provided to the site, even at the expense of its quantity. The presence of a certain percentage of pages containing information of poor quality, or simply irrelevant information, could lead imposition of a penalty filter on certain sections of the site.

Dealing with website promotion in Google you should know that Google likes authority sites and sites with links from other authoritative sources.

Authority (Trust Rank) – is important factor in SEO for Google. Trust Rank of a resource is calculated not less difficult than the current PageRank and consists of a number of factors. It is believed that Google has selected group of resources, which originally appropriated with super-high Trust Rank considering the original  usefulness of the resource or authority of the organization (for example,, or 

The second important group for website promotion in Google consists of resources, authority assessment of which is made dynamically based on a variety of factors, including a citation in its thematic niche, mostly in other authoritative sources, and internal behavioral factors of resource users. This group includes all sites that are not included in the first, including all promoted. Trust Rank of such resources can vary therefore it can be manipulated in SEO for Google by knowing its basic components.

By publishing high-quality and unique content to the user, you will be able to get natural and permanent links from thematic resources, which is the main component of authority in the eyes of Google and it will help with Google website promotion.

When you make Google website promotion you should know that Google likes keywords, but in good proportion.

Use keywords, which are used in the text of promoted pages, in the document headings, in page URL and other attributes.

The optimum concentration of keyword depends on the particular subject and is not a fixed quantity. The simplest and most reliable way to determine the optimal concentration of the keyword in different attributes of the promoted page is an analysis of this indicator at the pages that are in the top positions on promoted request. In-depth analysis of competitors, able to discover many secrets of promotion and is a major component of SEO for Google.


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