SEO analytics: professionally SEO analyse process for better results

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SEO analytics – is when specialists (SEO) analyse the site, detect errors in the code and texts of the site that prevent the site from holding high positions in the results of search engine. The process of SEO analyzing process helps to determine compatibility of the site with the requirements of search engines. At first we need to examine requests of the target audience, determine site visibility on the highest priority queries, and study the quality of SEO texts on the site. It is also necessary to examine the behavior of visitors and explore links posted on third-party resources.

Nowadays every wants his site become in the highest possible positions in search results. However, it is not always easy to understand what is required for this, and the further promotion of the site without such understanding is impossible. That’s why we need specialists examining SEO process.

In fact, the quality of the site is affected by many factors. These are: correctly written code, competent website content, availability of the entire site for instant indexing and a lot of other things. Properly executed analytics process - this is an excellent foundation to start working on promotion and optimization. And also it is better to apply to professionals to check the site.

However, this is not the only problem. Thanks to well-executed SEO methods you can easily identify all of its shortcomings, starting from low-quality content and finishing with an illiterate layout or unsuccessful design.

SEO methods will help to examine what search terms are the most popular among potential visitors. Knowing what users want to find, you can easily place articles on the website that may interest them, that would certainly help to increase traffic.

Also, an important result is that analytics SEO help to understand how convenient and interesting your website is for visitors, will people come back to it again. For this purpose so-called "usability" of the site is carrying out: space and logical structure, a balance between design and content.

By identifying problems of your site by SEO analytics, you can easily start their adjustment, not wasting money and time on fixing things that don’t require it. Knowing its weaknesses, you will also be able to make it more quality, and, consequently, increase its attendance and position in search results on key demands in such engines as Yandex and Google.

To promote any website, optimizers use a set of SEO-tools for analytics process, which helps to examine and (SEO) analyse data to promote the site. Each chooses those SEO-tools that, in his view, give the maximum result. There is a huge amount of services that help to check websites on the Internet. These tools help to check:

- Website indexing in search engines;
- Website indicators  - TCI, PR;
- Website content  - meta-tag description and keywords, title;
- Presence in catalogs;
- Positions in search engines;
- Many other things. 

Any of such instruments allow to (SEO) analyse personal websites and competitor sites.

Content SEO analytics - is a report which shows how the text on the site compliance to words users are searching when want to find your product or service. If your goal is to attract  maximum number(=a great amount) of visitors, you should verify the text of your website.
Content SEO analytics will give you a complete picture of why "wrong" people come to you, and what to do with that knowledge further. Content analysis of the text includes recommendations for improving such parameters as:

- Logic and style of the text;
- Text size;
- Uniqueness of the text;
- Compliance with the functional purpose;
- Search queries (quality and quantity).

SEO analyse your site and get detailed report which will present the current state of the site and specific recommendations to improve site visibility in search engines


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