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Site audit – is a detailed analysis that allows assess the state of a resource at the moment and decide measures to improve it. Site audit is quite important: it helps to define what is necessary for web-resource effective promotion and consequently making it the most relevant for search engines.

Types of audit:

  • Express-site audit

Express-site audit – it’s a simplified site analysis, which is determined by finding customer's site on the Internet, detected errors are documented and provides recommendations to correct them.

  • Usability-site audit

Usability-site audit – is an assessment of convenience of site. Usability-site audit includes the following options: site navigation, site content, the perception of site design and other parameters that can alienate users.

  • SEO-site audit

SEO-site audit – is a site checking for the presence of critical errors that complicate promoting process and determine correct semantic core. SEO-site audit allows us to study quality and quantity of inbound links, to do a comparative analysis with competitors’ sites. On the base of collected data SEO professionals determine the main pages for web site promotion and give recommendation to close “unnecessary” pages from search engine indexing.

  • Technical-site audit

Technical site-audit – is a search for errors on a site that may negatively affect the efficiency of a site and its promotion.

Our company also implements a set of additional services relating to site-audit. But the need for these services is determined by each specific case and has individual character.

What is important to know when ordering site-audit?

Site-audit – is the first thing your site needs to make it profitable. According to observations about 85% of all existing sites are problem. That is, they produce far less money than they should. In this case, you need site-audit and optimization of promoted pages, analysis of competitors' sites and other operations that will allow your site to become effective, which means – profitable (selling). Site-audit allows you to see whether it works 100% to compare the money invested in its promotion. Such services as site- audit, optimization and promotion, will answer many of your questions:

• What should be done to “squeeze” out of your site the maximum?

• Why the traffic of your site is low?

• Why search robot indexes your site badly?

• Why your competitors work much more efficiently and get more profits?

Cutting a long story short, site-audit (optimization - this is the next phase of work) is a must if you want quickly resolve technical problems that make site more enjoyable for users and leave a positive impression. In addition, site-audit, optimization of resources will reduce promotion costs and increase sales, profits. If you want to make your website profitable, successful, useful, and simply the best – order site-audit right now.


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