Selling VS Teaching Consumers – How You Can Increase Consumer Awareness

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A lot of marketers out there don’t need to do much work to inform the masses about their particular product or service. This is especially true when your product or service provides a rather obvious solution to an even more obvious or common problem. Consumers can easily become aware of a brand, product or service, because there is an immediate need for that brand, or at least their product or service.

For other marketers, their job of informing the masses is not quite so easy. Putting all of the pieces together and constructing a solid foundation of consumer awareness that helps inform the masses can wind up being quite a difficult task. You can spend an entire week informing everyone of all the great benefits your product or service offers, but people simply won’t care if they don’t know they need it.

Do You Need to Increase Brand Awareness?

There are old school rules in place for a problem like this. Those old school rules state, “You must increase consumer awareness for your brand,” but this is not entirely correct. For this particular situation you need to increase the want and need awareness, foremost. Follow up with a healthy slice of product solution awareness and you are perfectly positioned for making the sale! Here is a quick and easy way to accomplish this.

Step One – Teach Customers They Do Have A Problem or Need

Making consumers aware of a problem can be a little tricky when they don’t know or care too much about it. Emotional or logical responses are the best ways to inform them. The focus needs to be on them at this stage, not your business.

Step Two – Teach Customers the Basic Solution to the Problem

This is not a hard or even a soft selling phase. You are simply educating the consumer. You can do this by showing them your product or service is the single best way to solve their problem or meet their needs. Do this by focusing on the customer. Don’t try and sell.

Step Three – Here Comes the Selling

If you played your cards right, you should now have a clear way to pitch the sell. Your customer has now been taught they have a problem and they know your business can easily provide them with a solution. Now you have to convince them to buy the solution from you and not the competition! Now you can start listing reasons why your business is the better choice.

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This method of marketing is an excellent way to inform consumers about a particular product or service they may not even know exists. If you follow these steps closely and tailor them to your specific products or services, you should have a very easy sale on your hands, driven entirely by consumer awareness.


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