Search Retargeting: Part of Your Internet Marketing Plan?

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Since search retargeting was created in 2010, it has become a hot ticket in the minds of many marketers. The search retargeting process involves finding users who have searched for keyword terms relevant to your business, but have never actually visited your site. Companies such as provide search retargeting services to website owners by posting display ads for the website owners’ businesses in front of users who have searched on those relevant keyword terms.

Unlike site retargeting, search retargeting is a prospecting tool and that is best used when looking for new customers. Most commonly, it is used by retail brands, personal financiers, travel companies and other industries. Another term for it is “display media buying.” Somewhat differently than pay per click, search retargeting is an Internet marketing strategy that has been revealed to work pretty consistently, since it only speaks to prospects who are likely to convert (their search terms say it all).

Some businesses are spending as much as $500k a month on search retargeting, and hitting their aggressive ROI goals rather quickly. Better still, the new secure browsing policies of Google and Firefox have very little impact on a search retargeting company’s ability to collect data. The search terms of your prospects can be collected simply and ethically, and the display ads the search retargeting service posts for you are highly likely to help you convert those pre-qualified users into paying customers of your site.

So, what will you do with search retargeting? This is one strategy that appears to be sticking around for quite some time, and for good reason: it works. It’s worth considering making it a part of your Internet marketing plan.


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