Search optimization: best optimization techniques in SEO search engines

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Almost every Internet user once have heard such words as SEO web optimization, search optimization and a lot of other terms in tune with them. It is considered that this is "slang" of advanced internet users and professionals in the field of search optimization. However, SEO - is the official name of what we have been long and quite successfully engaged in. The abbreviation SEO is deciphered as Search Engines Optimization, that is, «SEO search engines» or «SEO web optimization». Quite simply - "search engine optimization"

If lately only some people knew about the term SEO search engines, right now, when the service «SEO web optimization» is becoming more popular among small and medium-sized businesses, the term SEO optimization (web site) begins to gradually strengthen in the lexicon of Internet users. New words derived from the word SEO appeared. Here are some examples:

  1. «SEO web optimization specialists» or «search engine optimization professionals» - are people involved in the process of SEO search engines, somehow involved in search engine optimization sites.
  2. «SEO optimization web site companies» - firms that specialize in providing search optimization services. 
  3. «White SEO » - search optimization, using approved methods of influencing on algorithms that don’t contradict with the requirements of search engines.
  4. «Black SEO web optimization» - is SEO optimization web site with prohibited methods: building doorways, cloaking, spam of the content, spam in external factors, participation in the systems of Auto Exchange by links and so on. Black website optimization is not recommended to use.

SEO search engines is a part of work that is necessary  to place your website on the first pages of search engines results when someone searches for "key phrase" related to your products or services. Search engine optimization makes your site "friendly" to search engines.

Search engine optimization activities can be divided into two categories - "internal optimization" and "external optimization."

Internal SEO web optimization:

- This is fine-tuning of Web site using various tools such as meta tags, keyword density, alt-tags and more. You need to have a lot of practice for correct indexing by search engines. Proper internal SEO optimization web site strategies like a part of search engines, ensures efficient and smooth movement to a higher ratings.

 Internal SEO search engines include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Domain name
  • URL structure
  • Title, description and keyword tags
  • Content of the website 
  • h1, h2, h3 tags
  • Internal Links
  • Sitemap

External search engine optimization:
- Today is the most important part of  website optimization process. When quality, reputable sites refer to your site (back links), they show that your website contains relevant and quality information for search engines.

External SEO optimization web site includes:

  • External links (back links)
  • Use of keywords in links
  • Appropriate words next to external links
  • Links to reputable sites
  • Social bookmarking
  • Video marketing
  • Blogs

SEO search engines is also can be called as "organic" or "natural", that means that  due to search optimization your site can be optimized for showing in search results on the left side. On the right side are situated sites that use contextual advertising and pay for each click on their link. SERPs organic results are more natural and companies don’t pay to be listed there. And it is also much better because it’s on a long term base, as correctly organized SEO web optimization campaign, including internal and external SEO optimization web site brings results for a long time.


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