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Now it became easy to find SEO services provider. The formation of a new profession - search engine optimization specialist has began. You already can not cope without them: if you want to make your site on the first page of search engine, you go to SEO service provider.

Abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - optimization in search engines. SEO services provider is responsible for the promotion of resources in the Internet and attraction of search engine traffic. Different agencies, large Internet projects, diversified companies are ready to employ SEO services provider. SEO service provider often choose freelancing, as this is implies some degree of creativity.

Currently, educational establishments don’t prepare specialists to work with the internet, therefore people re-classifies to search engine optimization specialists from related fields and specialties (IT, web designers, internet marketers). There are courses «how to became a SEO services provider», but more often they are aimed at improving the skills and require basic knowledge about search engines. The main thing in work of SEO service provider is practice, but to improve the skills and for experience exchange, there is sufficient number of specialized conferences, which allows you to track changes in SEO.

With the development of the Internet new ways to promote resources occurred and now the range of SEO services provider duties often includes conducting contextual ad campaigns, the general issues of attracting traffic from other sources, analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, pr activity on the Internet. Often, SEO services provider grows from webmasters / web designers who have learned the site promotion technology and would like to continue career development in this direction. Other popular related disciplines can be called internet-marketing: SEO services provider, in this case can be regarded as a narrow specialty.

Obligations of Search engine optimization specialists are differ much depending on the job place. In the companies which build and optimize websites, SEO service provider usually works in a team and focus on his narrow area. In such cases, his responsibilities include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of clients' websites, search engine audit;
  • The internal optimization of the structure and content of the site;
  • Analysis of external links to sites and advertising placements analysis;
  • Copywriting, writing SEO-oriented articles for websites;
  • Working with the statements: reporting on the positions of the sites in search engines;
  • Competitive environment analysis: the study of methods of promoting sites of competitors.

In the case when you want general Search engine optimization specialists, these duties can also be added with:

  • Maintaining contextual campaigns - the selection of keywords, track the effectiveness of ads, track competitor activity, reporting on advertising campaigns;
  • Maintaining banner campaigns - the creation and modification of banners, tracking performance of banner ad campaigns.

The main skill of SEO services provider - the ability to optimize Internet resources, and achieve in this success. There are a number of criteria by which one can evaluate the performance of the SEO service provider, but the basic is the search traffic: the amount and relevancy.

Search engine optimization specialists requires an understanding of the processes of site development, knowledge of technologies HTML, CSS. Desirable would be a basic knowledge of programming languages, JavaScript, PHP, skills databases, MySQL. In addition, a good SEO service provider needs an analytical mind, diligence is extremely important result-oriented.


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