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Search engine optimization in Google (Search engine optimization Google) is very important factor for many sites, which trying to be popular in their auditory. Google - is one of the most popular search engines, not only in Ukraine but also in the world. So Google SEO optimization is very important factor for all business.

Quite recently search engine optimization in Google, might be interested unless to the company coming out with their products on international markets and seeking popularity in the English part of the Internet. But the fastest growing in the competitive search engine Google, quite actively seizing new language territory and now is second the most popular search engine in Russian-speaking Internet. That is why many studios of web - design entered and actively sell a service of «Search engine optimization Google» or Google SEO optimization.

Therefore, Search engine optimization in Google is as necessary as in other search engines if you want to make your site truly effective. Today, almost every SEO-company offer «Search engine optimization Google» (Google SEO optimization).

In what Google SEO optimization is differ from the optimization of sites in other search engines? Of course, in search algorithms. Google is traditional and give preference for simplicity and informative, rejects great pile of links, and welcomes the carefully selected references to the identical search query resources.

For Google SEO optimization it is important to know that, like most other search engines - Google appreciates the relevance and updatable information on the site. So do not rush spill all the information in the launch day of site, better to add 1 - 2 articles per day, so you deserve increase in rating in search engine, and who use visited site once, will come back to learn the news. Attendance is also an important factor in site indexing in Google.

When you make Google SEO optimization (search engine optimization Google) remember that Google likes well structured site without unnecessary decorations, with a unique quality content, carefully planned, without race for quantity, added references. Google pays close attention to the text content of the pages. For example if your site sells dry mixes, try that text will be intelligent and connected, and contained not too many tags. Great importance is attached to the correct network pages, the pages must be well connected with cross-thematic links.

Generally, Google SEO optimization is similar to optimization in the other:

  • Content is important in Google SEO optimization. But in the first place, search engines selects pages the user is really interesting in, so you should make sure that content was not only in the optimal amount, with the necessary inclusions, but also interesting.
  • In this search engine there is no too strong filtering of low-quality links, and that is advantage of not cleanly promoters. However, we strongly recommend using only high quality links - it really helps in Google SEO optimization (search engine optimization Google).
  • The internal reference ranging is also very favorably perceived by the search engine. However, about the peculiarities of the work in this search engine you should read additionally in order to make effective Search engine optimization Google.
  • Google doesn’t like affiliates. Sooner or later the sites with the same contacts will be recognized and the system will search only one of them. So, if you still want to go on this way, you should be more familiar with safety precautions.
  • General guidelines robots.txt for bots Google does not always takes adequately, so the mirrors of your site should be monitored closely when promoting.

Of course, these suggestions are not exhaustive, and give just a rough picture. If while reading you find that it is too complicated for a quick study, trust Search engine optimization in Google for professionals.


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