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Search engine optimization articles - are common articles, which can carry any information, but these articles are in a special way 
optimized for search engines. At the same time SEO article shouldn’t lose ease of reading, because it is written mainly for people. Quality text for SEO can appear in tops of results on thematic indices.
SEO text - is a compromise between creating a text for both humans and search bots, robots.

Writing search engine optimization articles is a deal of copywriters

The task of SEO copywriting and seo articles developers to monitor and analyze the data they send to search engines. The main task of this process – is to find the "weak link", to choose the most effective text materials for their further posting on the site, which, of course would increase rating of the resource. The laws of search engines algorithms are very difficult to analyze.

SEO articles play an important role in web site optimization. Writing SEO texts is primarily the result of SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting – is writing texts, or as in this case, articles.

SEO text is a tool for internal promotion. This kind of promotion is cheaper process, and gives more substantial and stable results. The combination of external and internal promotion – is a guarantee of success of Internet site in web space. External promotion often requires constant cash investments for the purchase of quires and monthly payment for extending their period of placement. Text for SEO allows us to make such a reference constant. The more it will be posted on your website. That is, you pay only for writing seo articles.

At the beginning for writing SEO documents it is necessary to make semantic core correctly. Semantic core - it's all search queries and keywords that potential client enters in search box, that are related to the subject of your site.

SEO article has its own features:

  • Text should have a certain saturation of key requests. This number ranges from 4 to 6 percent. In some cases it may be more or less. Basically it depends on the competitiveness of the query and search engine itself.
  • A large concentration of key words or phrases at the beginning and the ending of SEO text is valued by search engines as a more relevant document than a SEO content with a fair distribution of keys.
  • For text saturation with complex key queries, you may use so-called stop words. Stop words are pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and auxiliary words, which are not considered by search engines.
  • Do not use an exclamation or question marks in key phrase.
  • Text for SEO should be understandable and readable for general reader.

 The volume of search engine optimization articles.What should it be?

Precise recommendations can’t be given here, everything depends on each situation. We can only indicate that the minimum volume of SEO sections should be about 2000 characters of text. If the text is written for home page with high-frequency queries, it is necessary to analyze competitors in the issue. Under the condition of identical external reference weight, search engines will give preference to the site with lots of written competent SEO content (maximum relevance). If there is a large amount of text (more than 3,000 characters), it is necessary to break SEO item into paragraphs and select subtitles.

Links in SEO text

Promoting site by articles or making links for internal pages should be guided by the following rule: one reference to 1000 characters. It means that, if the amount of your SEO articles is 3000 characters, it will be the best option to put three links.


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