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Search engine optimisation business firmly occupies an important niche in the market.  Once again it confirms the fact that the success of such SEO agencies depends on promotion of properly designed and optimized site.

How can usual site owner don’t make a mistake when choosing SEO company? To do this, we can offer a range of questions, answers to which can give a general impression of the SEO agencies. Here are some of them.

How long  search engine optimisation company works on the market of optimization? Obviously, if the one of companies appeared yesterday from nothing, probably it is not worth to communicate with them. Most likely, it will be gone tomorrow, just as appeared. Optimization - is strongly stretched in time process, but you can be promised mountains of gold. Also, ask SEO marketing companies about the experiences of individual employees. There are a few examples of really good people left out of large firms and organized their own SEO agencies. 

Also, you should pay attention to how much a person works at the firm. The larger search engine optimisation company, the more likely it will be one of serious SEO companies and not a bunch of students who gathered this month to pull as much money and disappear.

Be careful if SEO marketing companies promise first position on all major search engines. It is virtually impossible, and these SEO agencies are aware of this. The best thing you can be promised -presence in the top five search results after preliminarily agreeing list of search engines and keywords.

Nowadays in the USA SEO company will take for their services somewhere between 500 to 1500 dollars, while you won’t hear tales that the site will raise to the top at a week.

Ask how SEO marketing companies is going to change your site, would they use spam techniques in the optimization, such as cloaking or doorway pages. Of course, such methods sometimes work, but as the English people say, do not put all your eggs in one basket. If the search robot will identify that SEO companies have used such technologies, your site will most likely be thrown out of the rankings. The only thing you can do in this case - is to buy a new domain name and make a brand new website. 

 If your business depends on your site - imagine how much money you will lose as a result of such SEO marketing companies "activities". Of course, if you are an experienced webmaster, you might try to experiment on your homepage, who knows, maybe you will achieve certain results. But for the site of the commercial entity it is at least inappropriate.

Finally, ask for recommendations of the search engine optimisation company. Big SEO marketing companies tend to have strong recommendations from major well-known firms. Contact with clients, ask in detail, did any problems with these SEO agencies arise, both in terms of professionalism, and in terms of decency. In addition, you can check the position of such search engine optimization marketing companies in the ranking of search engine in a few seconds. Responsible search optimization company will do everything to facilitate and support its existing customers. This approach is mutually beneficial to both parties, as SEO marketing companies receive recommendations, customers - continued support.

It does not matter how big the agencies offices are, but the most important is - what will be the result from the job. Look in 3 months - what is the return from SEO work. If the situation has slightly changed - broke off relations with such SEO agencies and if did not change at all - then ask for a refund.


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