San Diego Web Design Students Raise Money for Japan Relief

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Taking their interest in Japanese culture and causes to the next level, graphical and web design students from Rolondo’s San Diego Platt College held a fundraiser to benefit disaster relief victims in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

The students, from Platt’s Media Arts and Design School, raised $3,100 by selling green tea and Japanese snacks on the Platt campus. Because a number of the students had traveled to Japan in 2009 and the college cultivates a culture of global citizenry, Platt has a special connection to Japan, and was inspired to help.

As for the Media Arts and Design School students, these students feel a connection to Japan through their specific fields of study. “Students come to Platt College to study filmmaking, video game development and animation so it was inspiring for them to see firsthand how Japanese technology has evolved and grown over the years,” a representative said. Of course, web design is also a big part of the curriculum and a big part of the Japanese business culture; so it’s no wonder that these San Diego web design students felt a strong connection.

On a side note, the 30 year-old launched the first computer graphics department in San Diego.

Today, the small media arts school in Rolando offers 380 students bachelor of science, associate of applied science and diploma programs in such fields as graphic design, 3D animation, digital video production and web design and development. In a short matter of time, these students are bound to provide fierce competition throughout the San Diego web design community.


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