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SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a technique that is used to increase awareness and ranking of a website in search engines. The idea behind optimizing a website is to broaden the base of viewers to land on the site and keep them there to make a purchase. For a business in Riverside, SEO can be used to bring in local customers to a physical location as well as the website. Crest Media's group of SEO specialists tailor your website to be found by web users who live in the Riverside area.

Crest Media uses techniques that are known as "White Hat," creating an organic ranking of your site in the search engines. We stay away from the "Black Hat" methods that our competitors use. Large corporations have utilized "Black Hat" companies, only to see their rankings drop precipitously when they were caught by the search engines. In turn, the corporations lost a lot of income and credibility. Crest Media will never use these techniques for your website, because the California SEO firm has observed the detrimental effect time and time again.

Optimizing requires a multi-faceted approach in order to make the website rank high on search engines. First and foremost, keywords are what help customers find a Riverside-based business. We customize the keywords to create hits for a Riverside SEO website. A majority of users will use basic keywords that give a generic description of the business. By sitting down with the client, we determine the optimal words and terms that relate to your company. From this starting point, we then research for related keywords to attract more viewers. The goal is to capture as many hits as possible, then convert them into customers.

The biggest battle that a website owner faces is preventing user "bounce." When a user lands on a site, then clicks off after a few seconds, it is known as a bounce. This action is to be expected as part of doing business. It becomes an issue when a majority of users bounce off of the site. We optimize the site to make it more compelling for the user to stick around, increasing the chance that they will make a purchase.

Crest Media uses this and much more to optimize websites for Riverside SEO clients. We meet with you to determine the best plan of action for building local awareness of your business. You tell us what you want out of your website, and we do it.


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