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The greatest challenge for any business selling their products online is to get the right kind of attention. Effective marketing and advertising will catch people’s attention and convince them to make a purchase. In previous times, people tried to reach their target market using print media, television, and radio advertisements. Today, online marketing joins this lineup in the form of retail and e-commerce solutions.

Retail and e-commerce solutions involve the act of conducting business transactions online. This includes both the development of an e-commerce platform and different marketing strategies applied to promote an online store. Many businesses are seeing the importance of both search engine and social media optimization in ensuring an e-commerce campaign’s success.

E-Commerce Statistics

More than 80% of people online use the internet to buy products, and over 50% have shopped more than once. 73% of internet users choose retail and e-commerce solutions over brick and mortar stores because it saves time. Other top reasons include more variety (67%), easy price comparisons (59%), and lower prices (55%).

Imagine the market you can reach with e-commerce and compare that with using traditional advertising and marketing methods. There were an estimated 178 million online consumers in the U.S. This number is expected to rise by 5-6 million in the next four years. By using traditional strategies alone, you won’t be able to reach that many customers.

Each year, e-commerce sales rise by over 19% worldwide, and online stores made around 680.6 billion dollars in 2011. The United States contributed over 28% of this revenue, with its e-commerce sites making a total of 197 billion dollars. Sales will rise at an estimated 279 million dollars in the US alone by 2015.

Ensure your business becomes part of this booming industry. Contact us and let our retail and e-commerce solutions put you on the map as a leading online business.


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