Resell SEO services: how does it work and what are the advantages

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What are the advantages if you work with intermediaries who resell SEO services?

resell servicesA small sample for beginning: you know designer, programmer, coder and SEO specialist. On one of the forums you see an ad, about building and promoting the site for 100 000. You write that you can do it, you get requirements specification and money, and than just allocate the job to your friends. You resell SEO services and virtually not making any effort and knowledge get a certain percentage of money. Not bad?

Well-planned SEO reseller can be inexpensive way of building successful business. Currently, there are many SEO companies. The result of this is not only increased competition, but also significantly reduced prices for SEO services, making it easy to enter the market. If you already have an online business, you should begin to resell SEO services.

Today, the Internet is a vast and rapidly growing media market, which, like any other market, has its own laws and which have formed their own groups of players.

On current spaces of the Internet great number of freelancers is working in such areas as copywriting and rewriting. Exactly freelancers usually prepare content for numerous websites and resources on the web. But in addition to freelancers and customers, who are the owners of sites, on the Internet market is actively working fairly large group of brokers - companies that offer SEO reseller, such as SEO copywriting, rewriting, writing content and filling of the site. Companies engaged in resale SEO services search customers and getting orders for works execution, transfer them directly to freelancers in exchange for a certain percentage.

Perhaps, some freelancers may not feel good about activities of intermediary companies who resell search engine optimization services, believing that they actually make money on the work of freelancers. However, this view is fundamentally mistaken.

Judge for yourself, no one believes that real estate companies make money on the work of builders, or that stores make money on products producers, even though they both are also mediators. The existence of intermediaries is justified and useful for all market participants and now we will explain why.

Today, virtually all large and small companies have realized importance of its presence on the web spaces. When the leader of some major company decides that his company is ready to appear on the Internet, he naturally is not looking for freelancers on freelance stock exchange, but applies to the company (which resell SEO services) , that provide such services as site content, SEO copywriting and writing articles. Intermediary company takes all the organizational part of the work: it discusses term with the customer, looks for freelancers and monitors order implementation.

Work with intermediaries is good for both parties.

- Professionals, who work in such fields as SEO copywriting, writing articles and content of the site can receive regular job from intermediary companies (which resell SEO services). At the same time freelancers get rid of arduous and sometimes unsuccessful search of customers.

- Cooperation with intermediary companies eliminates the risk of being cheated by unscrupulous customers. Because, the risk to find online dishonorable man, who can refuse to pay for, performed work, is large enough. Cooperation with a trusted intermediary (who resells SEO services) solves this problem, because all payments are conducted directly through a broker.

- Also, serious companies – intermediaries, who resell SEO services, and work in such areas as SEO copywriting, rewriting, writing articles and site filling, are usually high appreciate their reputation and therefore very responsible treat to order performing 


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