Reputation Management

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Is bad press or negative publicity at the top of search engines affecting your bottom line and sales? If so, Reputation Managementis your search engine marketing solution. With widespread use of search engines, it is essential that a company proactively protect their brand, image and consequent sales. Potential customers research your company name online looking for opinions, reviews and other publicized information and form an opinion accordingly which may have a negative impact and stop them from buying your products or services. Any good business can be negatively affected by the opinion of just one or a few postings on the internet that appear on the first page of search engines.

Reputation Management, just what exactly is it?

Reputation Management is sometimes referred to as Internet or Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) because it involves tactfully pushing down negative publicity to the second and third pages of Google by various means and replacing those positions in the search engines with good publicity. It is a search engine marketing tactic used by companies or individuals in order to proactively protect their reputation or products from negative content imparted by search engines. Crest Media uses Search Engine Reputation Management strategies to minimize the negative effects of inflammatory websites and blogs (or popularly known as “flaming” or “flame”). The flamings are believed to have been started by the competitors of a particular company posing as consumers. Another type of process used today is “Online Reputation Management” or ORM. ORM is a tactic that involves consistent or continuous research and analysis of the content of all types of online media. Both SERM and ORM are used for managing the reputation of an individual, product or business. Then main difference between the two processes is that while SERMs focus more on counteracting the negative effects and undertaking damage control, Online Reputation Management focuses on finding or locating potentially damaging websites and blogs in order to prevent any damaging effects on a particular company, product or individual. More like locating and preventing a potential risk from doing harm. For companies, individuals or products that have a low reputation or are experiencing negative publicity, Reputation Management is the best way to bring back the trust to your clients, consumers and other people.


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