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Quite often in advertising campaigns of various companies that deal with Web-optimization, we have to run across with messages that their experts are ready to guarantee the raise of any site in respectable rating and to ensure getting into the top ten ranking sites on certain key requirements. Have you ever wonder how much does such guarantee costs? Whether 100% result exists?

In fact, give a guarantee that the site will certainly be among top ten and will occupy a certain position in the ranking is not possible, even if website promotion is carried out effectively and by all rules. Why search engine optimization guaranteed doesn’t exist?

  1. Servers of search engines are designed so that it is simply impossible to control algorithms of determining ranking. Different search engines make up ranking on the basis of its internal regulations, which are not common to all. Especially because these ratings are constantly changing, taking into account factors that affect them. Reputable search engine optimization requires professional who constantly monitors all innovations and trends in search engines. This allows him to maintain the site at a high enough level. However, to promise that site for all the time will have high rating - is unrealistic. Reputable search engine optimization company will allow it.
  2. Does it matter what number does your site occupy in rating? Many companies promise exactly numbers. Reputable search engine optimization assumes not actual being in high positions, but popularization and attracting users. Even if you always show off at first place in Google for any unpopular request – there will be no sense in numbers. The results of popularity of the web resource do not depend on it. It is more importantу to carry out on time site advertising, reputable search engine optimization.
  3. Search engine optimization guaranteed can be only under condition of availability of the program pay per click. Exactly it helps to stabilize a particular rating because it works on the basis of "Clicks" system, which is controlled by advertiser.
  4. Guarantee of successful optimization and website promotion - is not rating. The greater number of people visited your site – is better. Watch for conversion and flow of users is much more important, though, of course, reputable SEO should not be forgotten.

You should always focus on those companies that can competent and accessible explain the importance of some process for general promotion. Professional approach – is very important in reputable search engine optimization.

What can SEO experts guarantee? Whether search engine optimization guaranteed exists?

This question is very relevant today. It can be considered from different sides. Some say that search engine optimization guaranteed exists others say that they can give only financial guarantees. In fact, search engine optimization guaranteed doesn’t exist because SEO can’t guarantee that a particular site will occupy certain positions, because the chain has three objects: Customer, Optimizer, Google / Yahoo. If client and optimizer are interested in certain positions, then Google / Yandex is interested in issuing relevant results to a given query with minimum pressure from SEO specialists that not always intersect with the interests of Client and Optimizer. If the chain has three objects, and one is indifferent, than any warranties are reduced to zero.

On the one hand, the optimizers can’t give guarantee of adequate answer to search queries on the other hand there is a service "reputable search engine optimization" by ordering which one wants to get a certain result or money back.


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