Proven Ways to Earn Inbound Links That Still Matter

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Inbound links are still a very important part of the search engine optimization game but finding links is not always an easy task. Looking for them might not be the right way. Sometimes all it takes to attract the right links is to create the right content. The right content can and will be picked up by other powerful Internet properties that will give you a handy link. The correct content can also spread like a wildfire across every major social media platform that exists.

Why Inbound Links Are Still So Important

Links are a very important asset to any Internet property for two powerful reasons. The first reason is this. Links bring in new traffic. Not only do links bring in new traffic, but most readers who actually follow these links are interested. In most cases, they are very interested. It takes a lot to get someone to click a link. If a person clicks a link back to your website, you can bet they are very interested in what your site has to offer them.

The other important reason for links are the search engines. Search engines use links to help determine several ranking factors for your site. This is where having the right types of links comes in very handy. The right inbound links will help push your website higher in the search engine rankings. The wrong links will do the exact opposite.

If you are having trouble getting inbound links for your website, then you can expand on your current SEO efforts, and try these methods to increase the amount of links you have pointing towards your site or sites.

Create Some How-to Content

The Internet may be a great place to shop, but most people use the Internet to help them locate information that might help them solve a particular problem. Creating how-to content from within your industry that helps people with an all too common problem is an excellent way to earn links. People love to share this type of information and your how-to piece could be in the form of an article, a video or a combination of the two.

Find Experts Within Your Industry

There are experts in every industry and finding them is as simple as a Google search. Locate a few experts within your industry and ask them to take part in an interview for your website. This tactic is often difficult to turn down because experts love talking about their expertise. The upside to this exchange is the experts will already have quite a good set of followers who might in turn start following your business.

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These are two proven methods for gaining very powerful inbound links the right way. Don’t be tempted by easy linking methods that are geared to fool search engines into thinking your web site is popular. Gather links the right way, and watch your Internet properties grow.


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