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Website promotion SEO is a complex of measures of resource search engine optimization, as well as the influence on external factors that have an effect on search engines job. The main purpose of website promotion SEO is achieving the best possible position in search engines on key demands. The consequences will be following:

  • increase the popularity of the resource due to attention of the target audience;
  • recognition of the advertised brand name or brand;
  • increase in sales volumes, and as a consequence - gain extra profit;
  • seeking feedback from potential buyers.

Promotion website – is procedure that each portal owner use when want to be "found" on the World Wide Web. According to surveys, site promotion is beneficial because:

  • Increase in sales is carried out due to the attracting only target audience on  website;
  • There are no geographical boundaries. Promotion website allows companies of any size enter the global market and make themselves known to compete with larger firms, etc.;
  • A positive reputation among consumers can be formed , and also increases the credibility of the company;
  • It is rational in terms of financial investment, because once having invested some money, you can stably fix the result for a long time;
  • It is possible to track the performance through the analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators;
  • You have a chance to use the web site not only as a "virtual representation" of the company, but also as well as an effective advertising tool, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the world.
  • Recognition of the whole company increasing and individual products or services in particular.

Promotion website provides high position in search engines that means that the portal is always "visible" for the target audience and company name will be known and remembered for a very short time.

There are two main phases in website promotion: technical audit and preparation of the portal, also direct promotion and SEO. Audit and the preparation are necessary to undertake the evaluation of web site potential, its possibilities and prospects for the future. Identification and selection of competitive traits is also at this stage, as well as developing a number of measures for resource optimization.  Promotion and advancement imply an impact on site and external factors so as to make it more "visible" to search engines.

Promotion website has 2 important factors: website promotion SEO and the evaluation of external factors. Professionals know that with out improvements in content, changes in navigation and bringing usability of the portal to perfection, it is impossible to succeed in web promotion. It is also important to place relevant content on the portal, corresponded to the interests of the target audience.

Website promotion SEO means a number of works aimed at improving the position of the portal in search results by search engine spiders. Nevertheless, no matter what methods were used, the main criterion for selection for search engines is the key phrases density and index of quoting of the site. It is worth mentioning that modern search engines – are programs that are capable to produce deep analysis of the semantic core of the site and the frequency of mentioning key phrases in the text. 
Site promotion – it is solving of problems associated not only with the promotion of key demands and portal optimization, but also with analysis of the target audience, website promotion and ongoing support of the project, conducting various promotional activities. To date, the best results can be achieved only by promotion website using all existing methods of advertising.


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