PPC & SEO: Should I do both?

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Search Engine Optimization: Los Angeles SEO & Development Marketing SEO

So, you’ve decided to start web development marketing for your website, but you don’t know much about search-engine friendly web design. Crest Media is here to help you maximize your investment in the web marketing/e-commerce realm. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most utilized methods of web development marketing because it is cheap and effective, with proven results no matter what the search engine.

How Web Development Marketing & SEO Works for You

To begin, an experienced web designer discovers your site’s relevant keywords to increase your site’s traffic and maximize your ROI. Then, a veteran SEO copywriter infuses your site’s content with these keywords to make your web design search-engine friendly. Search engines also rank your site based on how many sites link to it; so, an important—and time consuming—part of any development marketing/ SEO campaign is to link your site with hundreds of link registries.

Internet Advertising Marketing & SEO: to pay or not to pay?

As you can tell, SEO and web development marketing involves a fundamental change in how your website is designed, written and advertised. SEO is time consuming and usually free, though some directories charge a fee for linking your site with theirs. There are methods of web development marketing that can get your site high traffic and front-page rankings immediately through paid advertising on search engines. Choosing between SEO and other, more costly methods is a decision Crest Media can make easier for your e-commerce/web marketing campaign.

Internet Advertising Marketing & PPC: the faster alternative to SEO

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a web development marketing tool you’ve probably witnessed before. Through PPC, you can bid for certain keywords with search engines. Then, when a prospect searches for those keywords, your site will appear above or alongside the first page of search results. When a user clicks on your link, the search engine will bill you a predetermined fee, between one cent and a couple dollars per click.

Web Development Marketing: PPC vs. SEO

Though PPC can become costly, it is best used in conjunction with the cheaper SEO development marketing because of the different timescale involved. PPC instantly puts your site at the top of the search list, while a comprehensive SEO campaign can take months before you notice a difference in site traffic. Also, relying solely on PPC internet advertising marketing would mean that your traffic would cease as soon as your PPC campaign stopped. Crest Media’s wizards will help you combine SEO and PPC to maximize your site traffic and ROI.


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