Power of Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing is critical in today’s internet age. The fact that the internet bombards visitors with piles of information makes website holders seek refuge in search engine marketing. This form of marketing helps to create online visibility, enhance rankings and get more traffic to websites. A good search engine marketing strategy can work wonders for companies seeking to advertise their products or services through a website.

Tools Of Search Engine Marketing

Marketers promote their websites by enhancing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). Given below are four important search engine marketing techniques used for this.

  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO Strategies: SEO strategies aim at improving website rankings on the basis of the presence of relevant key words that show in search results. Such a strategy achieves its purpose only when constructive changes are made in the structure, content and layout of the website. Appropriate back-links from any other website to the present website are also very important.
  2. Paid Placement or Pay-per-click advertising: One of the most extensively used ways of driving web traffic and increasing sales is the use of customized advertisements. These are keyword-driven ads for which the advertiser needs to bid in an auction based market place. These paid ads appear on search pages alongside search results and the advertiser has to pay each time a visitor clicks on the advertisement.
  3. Paid Inclusion: An advertiser is able to include his web pages into different search engines with the help of paid inclusions. The SEO provider is paid a certain amount for feeding the advertiser’s listings into its index. Apart from this fixed amount, a variable pay-per-click fee might also be charged, depending upon the service provider.
  4. Online Visibility Solutions: There are many online visibility solutions. One of them is ‘social media optimization.’ This is a free-of-cost method of promoting one’s website in which the advertiser spreads his content virally by placing it within online communities such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Websites like MySpace and YouTube use this method. ‘Press release services’ is another online visibility solution that help increase the visibility of a website, depending on the news they might

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