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Businesses have traditionally reached their customers through the media of print and broadcast. Then, with the advent of the Internet, an online presence was also considered necessary to maintain clients. Both statements have proven true. Now, forward looking companies must continually recognize and develop the newest marketing strategies to maintain and increase their customer base. Expanding an organization’s reach through social mediais one of the newest strategies. Designed to not only inform, but also to actively engage a company’s customers,Phoenix social media firm, Crest Media, tailors a unique approach for its clients in this new and exciting marketing channel.

Relationships between people are the key. Obviously, companies are not people, but a company’s employees, from the CEO on down, are people who have relationships with family, friends and business colleagues. Each of these relationships provides an opportunity for a company to engage and inform. By interacting through channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, an organization can directly impact its customers' perceptions about the company as a whole. By promoting observation and conversation from current and new customers, a social media campaign achieves much more than simple page views. It encourages active participation. The users are actively engaged and their perceptions and memories of the company are reinforced through this participation. In addition, the conversation is consistently shaped to promote the interests of the company, influence its customers' perceptions and generally promote greater awareness about its products and services.

Crest Media helps organizations take full advantage of the Internet marketing aspect of social media by developing a suite of custom services and solutions. A coordinated effort between the various marketing teams then streamlines the social media project and integrates it with the company’s website and email campaigns. Twitter feeds, blogs, discussion forums and Really Simple Syndication feeds are a few of the tools we initially use to drive the participation and allow customers to interact directly on your website. Crest Media can help with the development of various promotions, from product reviews through development of promotional games to Twitter page and app design. A thorough understanding of this new media marketplace enables Phoenix social mediaexperts at Crest Media to offer unparalleled expertise and insights that will generate significant and immediate revenue for a company. Opportunity awaits the company courageous enough to seize the moment. Recognize it and be rewarded.


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