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We are a local SEO company that understands pay per click (PPC) management. Part of ouraffordable web design services is the PPC marketing package. Proper management of this aspect will result in less bounces and more clicks, visitors, and revenue. It is one of the most effective means of improving your overall return of investment (ROI).

Favorable results call for detailed research and analysis, and proper bidding procedures. Our team of committed researchers specializes in this field. They know all about keyword trends and the precise bidding amounts that will result in successful campaigns. The information they collect can help you set goals and determine whether your current strategies for paid advertisement work and contribute to your ROI.

Research and Analysis

The success of a PPC marketing campaign relies on the results of comprehensive research. A well-thought out and carefully studied campaign will help you earn nearly 50% more in revenues. To do this, we provide consistent and up-to-date research to determine which keywords are performing well. This will help you choose which ones are worthy of a bid. Once settled, our team of experienced researchers will carefully put together a PPC marketing plan using the highest-performing keywords.

Apart from finding keywords that will work for your campaign, as a dedicated local search engine optimization services provider, we will look into the strategies of your competitors. This is in line with our mission of keeping you on top of the sponsored ad campaigns. More than that, we want to ensure that your website has an edge over the others. You can expect a seamless merging of your PPC and SEO campaigns for the best possible results.

Performance Reports

The progress of your website is our topmost concern. We use a system that tracks the number of clicks your ads receive and the number of conversions that come as a result. Along with this information, we use other key performance indicators to evaluate the success of each campaign.

Our reports contain relevant information about the statistics of your campaign including keyword trends, conversion rates, and effective advertising material. We will work closely with you to ensure the maintenance and continued success of your PPC campaign.


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