Our Los Angeles Web Design Firm's Tips for Finding a Web Host

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These days, it is no longer optional to have a website; but if you’re reading this, you already knew that to be true. However, you may be switching web hosts or web design providers; or, perhaps launching your site for the first time. In any case, when it’s time to find a web host and/or web designer, choose a professional who offers you:

Support: Consider the type of support will you need, says Angela Nielsen of One Lily, a California web design service in Barstow. “The worst thing that can happen is for a website to go down, or having an email issue,” She continues, “It’s best to have someone you can call on to get immediate resolution.” She recommends looking for providers that provide free phone support with customer service reps who speak your language and pick up the phone when you call.

Accessibility: Some hosting and web design services make it difficult to adjust or change anything on your site. When you encounter those companies, avoid them. Nielsen says to make sure you can get access to your e-mail online. “Most hosts provide this, but some do not.”

Blogability: Today, it’s pretty much expected that your web hosting service or web design provider can offer you a blog and other social media tools. Even so, make sure that the service meets the minimum requirements for WordPress, as it is the leading blogging platform. “So many small businesses are utilizing WordPress for blogging and or for their entire website, and not all hosts yet support this,” says Nielsen.

As a Los Angeles web design company and web hosting service that offers all three of these advantages, Crest Media heartily approves of these tips. For more information on web design, hosting, and other web development services, contact us today.


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