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If you are in a niche industry, you probably know that Internet marketing is the most effective marketing there is. Your unique audience is almost guaranteed to search online for businesses like yours, so you need to be found in the search engines - and the only way to be found is to move closer to the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method you use to get there.

Unfortunately, some people are told that it is easy to do their own SEO. They may know someone who believes he has succeeded at it, or they may have read a quick tutorial on how to do it. Many Orange County SEO customers have come to us after getting less-than-trustworthy advice from these sources.

Becoming Your Own Orange County SEO? Ask Yourself...

If you have been told you can easily do your own SEO, ask yourself:

  • Does my DIY SEO friend have too much time on his hands? In other words, is his business less "busy" than yours?
  • Does this person take Internet marketing seriously? Or, does he neglect to update his blog and refresh his website content? Does he market on social media aggressively enough?
  • Does the search engine optimization tutorial I read explain how to research my own keywords and analyze my efforts effectively? The average Internet how-to is pretty basic, and doesn't really delve into details.

In other words, any advice on doing your own SEO should be taken with a very fine grain of salt. There is an alternative, though: Trusting your search engine marketing to a qualified Orange County SEO firm like Crest Media.

What our Orange County SEO Firm Offers

Crest Media offers a comprehensive Internet marketing package, comprised of services that are designed to help websites rank higher in major search engines for longer periods of time. From coding and programming to blogging and content marketing, our search engine optimization services can help your website gain favor with Google, Yahoo and Bing, and move closer to the top rankings you need to attract an audience.

You can learn more about these services by contacting the Orange County SEO specialists at Crest Media today. We look forward to providing you with a free phone consultation.


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