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Rules for on-page optimization

On-page optimization plays very important role in optimize SEO. By speaking about SEO (optimize search engine) in general, people understand page optimization of this site. And under on-page optimization it means conducting over pages some works that can increase their position in search engines on a particular request. Exactly these operations will be described in this article.

Generally speaking, professionals write entire volumes of books dedicated to SEO. However, you can achieve excellent results, if you know only a few "golden" rules, by carrying over the site pages just a few simple actions... This article will help beginners, who want to promote the site but have never deal with SEO (optimize search engine).

So, you have a website and you want to opt (SEO) it – increase attendance... At first, you must fill your site with unique information. One of the main factors on which search engines rank sites in search results is content of pages. For a good on-page optimization a number of activities with the content of each page must be done: Put the right name, description, keywords, provide important words with specific tags, write or edit text specifically for search engines.

It is important to remember that every page you have created should match to site theme and you should optimize (SEO) it for one or more keywords. 

Starting opt SEO, you should clearly understand what do you want, and how to achieve it. First rule: do not try to embrace the unembraceable! Optimize (SEO) pages only with limited number of search queries. Consequently, the problem splits into two parts: to determine the list of requests and make direct on-page optimization.

Further are few simple and at the same time very important rules of on-page SEO optimization.

  1. Optimize search engine with a TITLE. An important element in optimize (SEO). First of all you need to write a good TITLE for your page. All the words used in title must occur in text, and it is very desirable - in meta DESCRIPTION. If this rule of page optimization is not implemented, sanctions could follow for so-called "spam in header".
  2. Optimize search engine text of article and titles H1 - H6. Conducting search engine optimization, it is very useful to break the text into small parts (paragraphs) and use headers from H1 to H3 on the page. Header H1 is used for the name of the article it is like a TITLE analogue. Therefore, it should use the same words, or their morphological forms. Subhead H2 and below are used for titling separate fragments of the article. Abuse of subtitles or too frequent use, will not be a benefit for page optimization.
  3. Optimize SEO with selections on the page: page optimization with selections. Selection or the use of tags B, I, STRONG, EM, U is useful in optimize SEO only as long as it's done moderately. Avoid double selection of the same phrase by identical tag! This is the first sign of excessive opt (SEO), or search engine spam, and search engines painfully react to such attempts to opt (SEO) a page on the site. Moderation and moderation again - that's the main rule when you apply selections in page optimization.
  4. Keyword density in on-page optimization as a factor of page ranking. To make on-page optimization, you should strive to ensure that keywords and their morphological forms were met in article more often than others. In other words, ensure that it is clear what article is about. Then you should put links from one page to another make a map of the site and good navigation. After all these steps you will optimize search engine in a right way. 


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