One Simple Trick that Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

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Every single Internet property has a purpose. It doesn’t matter if that property is a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or a full blown ecommerce website boasting thousands of online products. Each and every one has a purpose, but many of these Internet properties fail at what they have been designed to do. The failure can be attributed to one very simple thing: a nonexistent or poor call to action.

What Is A Call to Action?

A call to action is some type of command that inspires your target audience to do something. It could be on the form of a video, a flashy button, some text or a sign-up form asking your target audience to buy, share, post, comment, experience or interact in some way, shape or form. Your call to action must be the single most effective portion of your website because it is the connection between a person doing something or not. A call to action is what drives conversion rates on most business websites. If you have this wonderful Internet property but no call to action, then your Internet property might be worthless!

Creating the Perfect Call to Action

There are two very important pieces to creating the perfect call to action. There is the initial creation process and then there is the testing process. Both of which are equally important to your conversion rate and the success of your online campaign.

The Creation Process

In order to create the perfect call to action button, your call to action must actually look like a clickable button that your audience can interact with. Make sure your button actually looks like a button.

The next thing you need to consider is the actual size of the button. If the button is too large it has a good possibility of getting ignored. If the button is too small it may go unnoticed. When you get to the testing phase, you will be able to determine the perfect button size.

Keep your button simple. It is easy to go overboard and try to make your call to action button too fancy. Make sure there is plenty of white space around your call to action button. This makes it easier to see.

The Testing Process

Once you have created what you consider to be the perfect button, it is time to test its effectiveness. This is where split testing comes into the picture. With split testing you can accurately determine which button is more effective at improving conversion rates.

You should be testing every aspect of your call to action button. Things like shape, size, color and the text located on the button itself influence whether or not a person wants to click it. Split testing, an essential piece of conversion optimization, makes it easy to determine which button your target audience responds to the best.

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Crafting the perfect call to action button does not have to be difficult. If you follow the basic steps above then you should have no trouble creating the perfect call to action button that your target audience finds irresistible and ultimately increases your conversion rates.


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