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Another Google Analytics reports on new developments in the system interface, which will soon be available to every client.

There are new widgets and changed location of some items.

Now users can work with maps, widgets and devices, creating the ideal tailored dashboard. It's possible to export customized panels that promotes practical and informative patterns. The dashboard supports advanced segments.

Acceleration of reporting

Sidebar has some changes in the direction of ease of use, as well as providing quick access to important functions.

Quick navigation supplemented shortcuts to reports in real time, so you can view traffic data of a specific region at any time.

New page “Recent History” facilitates the search of primarily used options and profiles.

Advanced search

Now it's possible to search the required data in all reports, dashboards and other elements.

Keyboard shortcuts

Google Analytics has a number of keyboard shortcuts that speed up the work:

Search Window: s, /

List of accounts: Shift + a

Date Range: d + t

On screen guide: Shift +?

A simple data comparison with the results of the previous year

The ability to export data to Excel and Google Docs

Updated export possibilities include the ability to transfer information to Excel (XSLX) and Google Docs.


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