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Zavers – are which help retailers and manufacturers (currently available only for online sales) encourage loyal customers. This system, developed by Google, differs from the competitive analogues with complete closed on itself. Thus, retailer places on its resource discount coupons for specific products, and then viewing the site, you can save them to your Google-account. When a purchase is made, the system automatically calculates the discount and make a deduction from the price, without requiring user intervention.

    Now Google notices the rapid growth of partnership and joining of the biggest sellers and manufacturers of the United States. It is possible that Zavers is popular due to other beneficial side – transfer of interest in favor of Google made only after goods sale. Detailed statistics about coupons is also always available to participants.

    Zavers digital coupons are expected to be beneficial not only to companies but also to consumers. In addition, in contrast to, for example, GroupOn, they do not offer users to use services or goods, in which he is not interested.


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