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Studies have shown that you’ve got less than ten seconds to impress a visitor to your web page before they click away. That means that the kind of Southern California website design that you want to take advantage of will do several things to keep interest focused on what you’ve got to sell and although the multimedia options that are available are an important part of that, you’ll want to remember that a page that’s fat with images that takes a long time to download will turn potential customers away.


Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that these are also the very elements that keep a page interesting. It’s important to be aware of all the latest trends that include website video marketing and to see how these elements can be used to add personal elements to any site. With the advent of video marketing, it’s easier now than ever before for the business owner to add a personal touch and perhaps even explain a complex point about the product or service in front of the camera themselves.

In fact most of the multimedia elements that can be included through the right SouthernCalifornia website design can provide much needed information about your products or services in a way that can’t always be matched in print. Of course there’s a flip side to this option as well and when these multimedia designs are overdone, they can render a site both unprofessional and sluggish.


Regardless of how you choose to use the multimedia that you decide on, there is a need to stress consistency to the people that you choose to work on your Southern California website design. When you think back to the letterhead that was used and the business cards and envelopes that were used in other campaigns that your business undoubtedly worked with, they were all designed to look the same way. That kind of consistency helped you to enforce your company’s identity.

And that goes for the website as well. It’s important that the website have an overall design that works well with any of the printed materials that you’re still using and that it looks consistent from one page to the next.  Remember that once you’ve developed a look for the homepage and enlisted the help of the Southern California website design professionals that you’ve hired for the job, you’ll want to makes sure that you go through all the other pages with the same vision in mind. Consistency as much as the multimedia elements that you use are the keys to success.

Sam Ernie Orion works for a California web promotion company and as such he understands the importance of web design and its implications on the latest trends likewebsite video marketing.


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