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Web development means different things to different people, because different kinds of websites have different functions. Mobile web design, for example, has a different purpose than desktop web design. Mobile web design should be aimed at helping users find you the moment they need you - while they're mobile. At Crest Media, we understand this. That's why we offer development of mobile web pages that can reach your target audience anytime, from the convenience of their smartphones.

How are mobile web pages different?

Mobile web design is now a huge force in markets all over the world. People are using their mobile devices to access information, shop and browse the web for businesses they want to patronize. There has never been a better time for small businesses to tap into mobile web design services that can help them attract and keep customers who find them on mobile devices.

In many ways, mobile web pages are different from web pages designed for a traditional PC. Mobile web pages not only need to be optimized for the smaller screens on mobile devices, but they also need to be compatible with the hardware of the system they are designed for. Mobile sites build on the functionality of the operating system and preferences of mobile devices. Also, certain features on mobile sites can work on any mobile device but others can't; it takes a true expert to know the difference.

Our Mobile Website Design Process

Our mobile web design process is comprised of several goal-oriented steps, including:

Deciding on static or dynamic: Our first order of business is to learn if you want a static or dynamic mobile website. Static websites are sites that rarely change, so they can be developed more quickly and sent to a mobile device the same way as a web server. Dynamic web pages are much more complex, but are preferable for those who want Java or Flash. Deciding which is the type you want is first on our checklist.

Staying W3C compliant: Next, we must build a site that is W3C compliant. W3C is the worldwide standard for web design, including mobile web design. All of our websites are W3C compliant, so they reflect the highest standards in the mobile web design industry.

Building a custom design: Your website should reflect the business you have worked hard to build. That's why we ask you to provide input on all aspects of the design, from layouts, to colors, to fonts, and finally to images.

Implementing marketing tools: Your website should be search engine friendly in order for anyone to access it from their mobile device. Our custom mobile web design services also include a marketing component, which helps your site to get found by mobile users.

Our mobile design team loves developing apps, and everyone knows the product is better when it's made with love. To learn more about our mobile web design services or any mobile web design services we provide, contact Crest Media today.


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