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ComScore released on the U.S. search market for the last December. The situation in the area has remained, for the most part unchanged – Google still is a leader, lost only 0.3% of popularity from the previous month, while Yahoo! and Bing increased its audience by 0.1% (each of search engines).

Google: 66.7% (November: 67%)

Bing: 16.3% (November: 16.2%)

Yahoo: 12.2% (November: 12.1%)

Ask: 3.0% (November: 3.0%)

AOL: 1.8% (November: 1.7%)

Statistics show Bing's slow growth and stable Google's position on the level of 66-67%. Alliance Bing and Yahoo! has not shown success, and stayed on the stage of 29%, but for the most part – because of Yahoo!, which continues to lose visitors.

Comparison with December 2011:

It should be noted that the number of requests significantly decreased, which can be explained only by the growing popularity of mobile traffic. This decline – the only one of its kind in the history of statistics ComScore, i.e since 2006. In general, November 2012 desktop search “missed” billion queries, compared to the same period in 2011.


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