Make Those Pages Search Friendly

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First off, there is one thing that you need to know that’s the basic tenet of almost everything that a seo optimization company will work from. It’s generally considered the basic building block of all attempts to drive traffic to your site and it has everything to do with how search engines work.

The search engines use crawlers to look through the Internet through the links that you have on your site. These also scan and store the content so that when a web searcher uses a keyword phrase, these crawlers look for pages that match.

And there are certain things that these crawlers disregard and any good California web promotion company will know to stay away from certain things when they’re putting together a website:

  • They don’t support the kind of design that has rollover menus and such. In short, most of the crawlers can’t read JavaScript.
  • The most savvy seo optimization company won’t use Flash either for the same reason.


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