Los Angeles Website Design - and Social Media?

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It’s an odd marriage, isn’t it? But because our entire team rallies around each client, everyone at Crest Media – from our SEO division to ourLos Angeles website design professionals – cares about your company’s social media efforts. With that in mind, we wanted to share some pointers on formulating a social media plan (adapted from a we found at the reputable source Web Pro News). Our favorite tips, as they apply to each major social networking outlet, are as follows:


  • Post daily Twitter updates (once a day is sufficient; all day long is overkill)…and make sure to keep it “about the conversation.” What’s the conversation? You! Make each update relevant to your brand, and be sure to post an update if anything happens of significance in your industry.
  • Monitor your brand. Respond to those @messages, whether positive or negative. After all, this is a PR effort.
  • Use all your resources. Our Los Angeles website design service encourages clients to tap into tools like TwitPic, TwitVid, and Yfrog to share their photos and videos.


  • Make it a page…not a personal profile. Pages are set up for people to “like,” as opposed to being “friends” – and in the Facebook community, everyone understands the distinction. This is your business; make sure it looks like one on Facebook.
  • As with Twitter, post routine updates (but with Facebook, twice weekly is sometimes all you need). Share links to your content, including your blog or any industry articles you’ve written. And of course, share links to any good press you receive.
  • Respond to comments on your page, especially when people are asking questions. If someone asks, “What time is the event today?” or “How long does the sale last?”…yes, it’s important to answer.

You Tube

  • If you create videos for your site (and you should!), they need to be on You Tube as well.
  • You Tube may look different than Facebook and Twitter, but it is still a community; so respond to comments and subscribe to others, and make “friends.”
  • Encourage subscriptions to your You Tube channel (this can be done on Facebook and Twitter).

Sound overwhelming? The good news is, our Los Angeles website/SEO marketing firm also offers social media management. With this invaluable service, we can perform some of these tasks for you!

If your business has yet to put any social media plan in place, be sure to speak with our Los Angeles website design/SEO teams about implementing one ASAP. After all, those who aren’t on the social media bandwagon are getting left behind in the competitive marketplace – and we don’t want you to among them.


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