Los Angeles Web Design Firm Touts Google Instant Previews!

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Google Instant, which reveals search results as a user types into the search box, has been met with mixed reviews – but fortunately, the world’s most popular search engine still had a few more tricks up its sleeve. Google Instant Previews, which debuted around relatively the same time, is one feature our Los Angeles web design company absolutely loves. How does it work?

Google Instant Previews allows search engine users to see screenshot previews of the web pages in their search results. When clicked on, a magnifying glass icon beside the title of each result instantly brings the screenshot of the web page into view. What’s the point of this new feature? It seems that is part of a wider strategy on Google’s part to enhance, enrich, and improve searches for Google users.

With the rise in popularity of Bing, as well as Bing’s launch of a similar feature that allows its users to view web page previews via an arrow button, it seems this was a necessary move for Google. At our Los Angeles website design operation, we definitely understand the responsibility to continually improve our product as well. With that in mind, it seems that Crest Media is in good company!

Google Instant Previews was initially part of a pilot project under trial, but has now been expanded to all Google users within the United States, without the need for manual enabling. Currently, it is not active on the Canadian Google site.

To learn more about it, why not try it out yourself? It’s easy: Just use Google to search for a Los Angeles web design company (not just any company, though – you definitely want to search for Crest Media!Jump back to our Google Instant Previews screenshot and click on it to see what we’re talking about!), then point and click on the magnifying glass icon you see next to any of the links on the results page. Check – link is not working. Impressive, isn’t it? We agree! (And yes, Google Instant Previews works for all your Google searches…but as your Los Angeles web design company, we wanted to be part of your first search. We’re jealous like that).

As you know by now, our Los Angeles web design firm aims to stay on top of breaking news in the computing, search engine, and web design industries…so be sure to check back here for more updates on the latest, most fascinating stories! We pledge to bring you the news you need to stay informed.


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