Los Angeles Web Design Firm Reviews The 5 Most Important Web Dev Tools of 2011

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As a new year commences, we wanted to re-cap some of the most popular web development tools of 2011. Now, these products did not necessarily all debut over the past year; however, 2011 happened to be the year they made their mark on the website design industry:

jQuery and jQuery Mobile

jQuery, the popular JavaScript library, has even won over Microsoft; plus, it jumped in popularity in surveys from 2010 to 2011. For mobile development, an industry that itself got a boost in 2011, the introduction of jQuery Mobile 1.0 was a godsend.

Everybody loves pie, especially frustrated Web developers who need to cope with the shortcomings of older versions of Internet Explorer. You can’t fix the market and convince millions of people to upgrade to a more modern browser, but you can try to fix the browser.


For web design professionals need of a way to make Internet Explorer a little more current, CSS3 PIE (“Progressive Internet Explorer”) was a valuable tool in 201. Although not quite at the 1.0 stage, PIE was in its fifth beta of 1.0 in September, with added IE9 support and several issue resolution features for IE6 through IE8.


Twitter is the name of the game these days, so it should come as no surprise that its Bootstrap toolkit for rapid development of Web applications has shot up in popularity since debuting in August 2011. This CSS platform provides simple solutions for web developers, and can be used for prototyping or standardizations so that an organization can implement a uniform design across all of its sites and applications.

Google Chrome Developer Tools

Firefox is still popular, but the cat’s out of the bag: website design professionals love Google Chrome. One of the most obvious reasons why is Chrome Developer Tools. The tools enable a developer to do nearly anything, from editing HTML to viewing breakpoints in script, to performing debugging remotely. These development tools even offer an experimental API for those who want to take their site development to the next level.


Mobile web developers, your time has come. There are many ways to write HTML5 applications and provide similar features to native applications on mobile devices, but PhoneGap seems to be the most currently popular solution. This mobile web development tool lets developers build an app once, then deploy to multiple platforms. It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others. As an emerging name in mobile development, our Los Angeles web design company is interested in exploring PhoneGap further.

With so many incredible devtools breaking through in 2011, it seems that 2012 will be an even more exciting year for website design!


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