Los Angeles Web Design Clients: Should you build a site out of thin air?

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Adobe Muse is Adobe Systems’ newest Web design software and a coding-free site creation source for InDesign and Illustrator users. Experts are giving positive reviews of the interface and structure. Many are singing the praises of the four logical workflow task areas of Adobe Muse: Plan, Design, Preview and Publish. Clearly, Adobe Muse is going to have a huge impact on the Web design community. In fact, some are claiming that Adobe Muse can create a website in only 30 minutes.

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If Adobe Muse looks easy, that’s because it is. For novice designers, the simple, coding-free structure is great. Access to Adobe Muse is sure to open a lot of doors for them. However, not everyone is best served by a novice designer.

A small business – a very small business – may be fine designing a site with a tool like Adobe Muse. However, mid-sized and large businesses want their websites to be powerful mediums that:

  • Uphold strategic branding objectives
  • Engage and inform visitors
  • Convert those visitors into customers

These companies are still better served by professional design firms with expertise in visual presentation, artistic concepts and conversion-friendly layouts – things that design tools like Adobe Muse simply can’t provide on their own. What are we telling our Los Angeles Web design clients about Adobe Muse? It goes like this: Your branding objectives weren’t born overnight. Should you really market your business with a website that was hastily designed in a mere 30 minutes?

Also, it’s important to note that this product is not a one-size fits all solution, especially for websites that depend on databases, content management systems or e-commerce software. If you aren’t sure whether your website relies on these features, then is probably not the best idea for your business anyway. If you are thinking of hiring an Orange County Web design or other California Web design firm, you’re probably on the right track; but if you still opt for Adobe Muse, we wish you the best of luck.


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