Los Angeles Video Production Secret: Create YouTube Video to Spread Message!

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Thought that Google was the number one search engine? Not exactly. YouTube receives over 2 billion views per day, making it the largest search engine in the U.S. Because of its popularity in the business world, and the promotional buzz that a well-made YouTube video can result in, many business owners think it’s an “easy A” marketing technique. But they aren’t necessarily right.

The truth is, our video production team has learned there are some secrets to creating a good YouTube video – and by “good,” we mean one that effectively reaches the audience you’re aiming for and communicates the message you want them to hear. Our Los Angeles video production team has helped clients use YouTube as a marketing tool for several years now; so, they’re more than qualified to share their inside knowledge with you. Consider the following elements of a good YouTube marketing video:

Titles: Proper SEO is key here. Your title should include what the video is about, and also who created it (hint: that’s your company!).

Description: YouTube allows for 1,000 character descriptions, so take advantage of that (after all, Twitter is hardly as generous). Make sure your description includes some relevant SEO keywords as well. For instance, a plastic surgeon uploading a video of a tummy tuck procedure might include the phrase “Los Angeles tummy tuck surgeon John Smith, MD” in its description.

Linking: Your should definitely link to your business website in the description; that way, viewers have a quick portal to click through to your site after watching the video. So your website URL won’t get cut off at the end of the description, our Los Angeles video production specialists suggest linking your URL at the beginning of the description. Whether or not your viewers read your full description isn’t as important as whether or not they visit your site. So, consider starting your description like this: Brought to you by www.crestmediainc.com (using your own website URL, of course!).

Need more pointers? Our Los Angeles video production experts can surely help. Contact Crest Media with any questions you may have; or, to inquire about our Los Angeles videography services.


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