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Web-savvy business owners can spend so much time on conversion efforts, that it nearly becomes a second job. However, there are simpler ways to engage potential customers than ever before in the form of social media. Using the most effectivesocial media tools, companies can get customer and prospect feedback in a relatively short amount of time – and, with minimal effort. All it takes is a good strategy.

One Los Angeles social media writer put it this way: “There is a sense of urgency within both small and medium sized businesses, but when we look at large companies, they are publishing hugely effective social media campaigns. There’s a disconnect.” In other words, the same tactics that work for Domino’s Pizza – like the successful YouTube campaign “Show Us Your Pizza” – can work for small and medium sized businesses, if only they would take advantage of the opportunities to learn from their clients on what is usually a literal “one-at-a-time” basis.

And he’s right: Why shouldn’t a well-strategized YouTube or Facebook campaign work for you? Especially when it could significantly reduce your marketing costs (after all, a social media agency can make your video, your online offers, your polls and other consumer engagement tools at an affordable cost, and posting them is free). But there are other advantages as well. Everyone knows transparency is the name of the game right now. A company’s willingness to engage previous customers in social forums like Facebook and YouTube shows that they’re not apprehensive to address their mistakes, as well as their successes.

In a transparency-driven business climate, strategies like these are far superior to the oft-ignored confidential customer survey (i.e. “How did we do?” e-mails). That’s because they can be observed by anyone, and they’re interactive – these are , but they’re what social media is all about, right? It may not seem like the fastest way to convert casual buyers into repeat customers, but it’s effective – and once you’ve invested the proper amount of effort, the conversion rate can skyrocket. This Los Angeles social media firm encourages such social networking methods like the video campaign strategy.


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