Los Angeles Social Media Firm Coins New Term

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As a Los Angeles SEO and social media optimization company, we know that search and social are not mutually exclusive. They can and should be fused together as often as possible. Google obviously knows this (if they didn’t, there would be no Google Plus). This is a phenomenon that deserves a name; over at our Los Angeles social media contemporary Edelman Digital, they’re calling it social content optimization.

Here’s there formula: SEO + SMO = SCO. Remember the somewhat saturated “Content is king!” mantra? It’s actually truer than ever. You can customize your own SCO plan to fit the needs of your site, because different types of sites, representing different types of businesses, need different types of content.

Edelman identified five core areas of content: Video, Documents, Images, Conversation and Niche. To run an effective Web marketing campaign, a company will need to focus on only a few of these core areas when developing a website. For example, some may focus on blogging (under the umbrella of Conversation) and images to create the strongest impact. Others may zero in on Documents (written text) and Video.

How are these areas of content optimized for social? By ensuring they are as high quality as possible. Without anything of substance to offer, a blog entry is just a collection of words and a video is just a video. In order for people to want to share them on social media, any content entry must be highly relevant to your site, your industry and your audience. Then and only then will users share that content across social channels. For the area of Niche, this is even more important. Edelman defines Niche as geo-local content, so if your content is to be optimized for a local audience, it will need more than keywords. It will also need to be highly relevant to the audience in that location.

Optimizing your content for social media – this we now call SCO – is easier said than done. It takes a skilled Los Angeles SEO/social media firm to hone in on the new SCO model and use it to help a business accomplish its Web marketing goals.


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