Los Angeles Social Media Experts: Set Limits but Tap into Potential

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At some companies, social media has created quite a stir – and not always for the right reasons. Many employers have cracked down on social media use, even implementing policies designed to curb the time employees spent on social networking sites – or, ban them altogether. Los Angeles social media and entrepreneurship writer Karen E. Klein recommends going the social media policy route, to ensure your employees make the most of their time during the workday while still protecting yourself from litigation (yes, some employees have fought for their social networking rights in court!).

It’s a fact, whether your business is in small town America or a high rise in Los Angeles: Social media use is a reality for your employees, and it’s your job to manage it. Still, a word of caution: Don’t let these frustrations keep you from embracing social networking as an effective marketing tool! If you ask any reputable social media consultant, these sites by employers for their powerful marketing potential. A solid social media campaign can help your company establish and maintain a more noticeable, enticing presence and give you a serious edge over the competition.

By launching a company blog, creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, and allowing our Los Angeles/San Francisco social media firm to manage them, you’re putting yourself out there in a way that sets your business apart – and reaching a larger, more targeted audience than ever.

Keeping your employees off these sites for personal use is one thing; but denying your business the growth potential they offer is hardly wise. To learn how our social media agency can help your business gain a lead over competitors, contact Crest Media today. Our Los Angeles social media experts will be glad to answer your questions.


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